Friday, September 23, 2011

High Fashion's High Toll on Amber Valetta's Beauty

Allow me to ask the following question: What if supermodel Amber Valetta had been born, way beyond yesterday, in the year 1899 and modeled throughout those years up to and including the year 2019?
     Would you be curious to see what she'd look like as she aged? Well, W Magazine and talented photographer Steven Klein did the imagining for us and came up with a brilliant "One for the Ages" photo shoot for the September 2011 issue.
     Amber is hot, without a doubt, and I'm convinced that, if she takes good care of herself, she'll age really well into her 60s and and possibly 80s. However, 120 years old? Judging by the photos, I'm not sure I'd want to hook up with her at that stage. Kinda creepy, if you ask me. Gotta admit though, my tastes have always leaned towards the more mature woman and the older I get, the older a woman I am interested in. So, based on that, when I'm 80 or 90, a 120-year-old woman may seem quite fetching to me.

You can read an interview about the shoot on the Forbes Web site:
FORBES: Amber Valletta On Aging Beautifully, Why Digital Photography Has 'Taken Away Our Humanness'

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