Friday, September 02, 2011


     Janice Dickinson... what can I say? Sometimes she turns me on like no one else and at other times she looks like Steven Tyler got a sex change.
     This summer (July 4, 2011) she hit Malibu Beach with her svelte figure and showed off every inch of tight but wrinkly skin and every, well-defined muscle on her 56-year-old body in a red/orange two-piece.
     I've said it before, she looks phenomenal for her age but she can be obnoxious as hell. She's hot and yet she's not.

     If you've never heard of Janice before, she was once a hot, highly sought-after model. In fact, she's boasted that she's "the world's first ever supermodel." If you'd like to see what she looked like in her heyday, check out this old post from the Fading Beauties blog:

Fading Beauties: Aged Like a Great Cheddar...

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