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How Famous Faces Are Aging - The Today Show

THIS IS AN OLD POST from The Today Show Web site. It posted past and present photos of various celebrities and had a plastic surgeon comment on whether that star has aged well and whether or not has tried fighting off aging with a little nip, tuck and injection. I found the surgeon's comments interesting and entertaining so I decided to share them with you. If you wish to see the full list of celebrities including the male ones, check out this link. If not, I've collected all the ladies for you here below:

Madonna, 51 (now 53)
In 1985 (left) and 2009
Is the Material Girl made of plastic? Almost. Madonna looks much younger than 51. Her cheeks are full, her neckline is sharp, and there are no wrinkles to be found. I believe she's had a facelift, Sculptra injections to her cheeks, multiple laser treatments or chemical peels, Dysport injections and possibly an eye lift.

Jane Fonda, 72 (now 74)
In 1967 (left) and 2008
Jane Fonda was recently quoted as saying she attributes her looks to 30 percent sports and nutrition, 30 percent genes, 30 percent good sex and 10 percent plastic surgery. With her sharp jawline, elevated brows, and wide-open eyes, this 72-year-old-star, in my opinion, has had a facelift, browlift, and eyelid lifts. I’d estimate her looks are from 30 percent genes, 20 percent sports and nutrition, and 50 percent plastic surgery. It takes more than Jane Fonda’s workout to look this good for this long.

Andie MacDowell, 51 (now 53)
In 1992 (left) and 2009
Unlike many 50-year-old actresses and models, Andie MacDowell appears to be completely natural, except for maybe a touch of Botox here or there and possibly skin tightening laser treatments such as the Cynosure laser facial. Her face is smooth and likely reflects a lifetime of avoiding the sun, taking care of her skin, and undergoing preventive treatments.

Cindy Crawford, 43 (now 46)
In 1990 (left) and 2009
The prettiest woman of the past two decades still looks amazing. Cindy Crawford is really a Super Role Model for aging gracefully. She looks barely five years older than she did in the early 1990s. Her skin remains flawless. She may have had some minor skin tightening treatments such as the new eMatrix by Syneron, but other than that it appears her looks are due to TLC and not the OR. If only we could all age like her!

Courtney Cox, 45 (now 47)
In 1996 (left) and 2009
This cougar has done everything she can to stay looking young. Courtney Cox is clearly “Friends” with a plastic surgeon. In addition to possible chemical peels like the Obagi Blue Peel, she also appears to have had her lips plumped up, likely with a filler such as Juvederm. Her cheeks also appear a bit fuller, which could be due to fat grafting or Sculptra injections. Her skin is so smooth and flawless, I bet she’s received millions to try the skin care product she represents, Kinerase. Finally, in my opinion, her forehead exhibits the smoothness that only Botox or Dysport can provide.

Diane Keaton, 64 (now 66)
In 1979 (left) and 2008
Diane Keaton looks like a normal 64-year-old woman. Her eyelids are getting heavy, her neckline is a bit loose, and her hair is graying. While I wouldn't say she looks young for her age, she remains an attractive woman. I doubt she's had any work done at all. At least she looks better than her "Annie Hall" co-star Woody Allen!

Ellen Barkin, 55 (now 57)
In 1996 (left) and 2009
 Ellen Barkin looks better than 99 percent of 55-year-old women. Is that because of genes, preventive skin care, or plastic surgery? I would bet a bit of all three are involved in keeping this Golden Globe-nominated actress looking young. Her brows appear higher today than they were back in 1996. This could be due to an endoscopic browlift. Her eyelids also look more open than they did 14 years ago, possibly due to upper eyelid lifts. Her skin is extremely smooth, and may have had help from skin tightening treatments such as the Cynosure Smartskin Laser. Also, do her lips appear that they are getting larger with time, possibly due to lip injections such as Prevelle?

Jessica Lange, 60 (now 62)
In 1976 (left) and 2009
Jessica Lange’s appearance seems to have changed drastically over the past couple years. This is most evident in her eyebrows, which are more arched than most runway shoes. I would bet that a combination of Botox and an overdone brow lift are to blame. Her eyelids are also excessively tight for a woman her age, a possible consequence of upper and lower eyelid lifts. Her cheekbones also appear higher than they were back in 1976, and may be the result of cheek implants. Overall, I think this Academy Award winner would still look like a winner if her brows were a bit lowered.

Joan Van Ark, 66 (now 68)
In 1987 (left) and 2008
Joan Van Ark unfortunately looks like a wax figure version of herself. Her skin is too tight, her lips look overly plumped, her eyebrows are too high, and her jawline is excessively sharp. I would attribute her unnatural appearance to multiple deep chemical peels, lip implants, a browlift, upper and lower eyelid lifts, a facelift, Botox and filler injections. Moderation and using a surgeon who’s a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons are the keys to looking good with plastic surgery. I doubt she’s followed these rules. At least her hair looks fabulous.

Susan Sarandon, 63 (now 65)
In 1995 (left) and 2008
Although Susan Sarandon recently split up from her much younger beau, Tim Robbins, this 63-year-old has always looked as young as him. Like a handful of other serious actresses of her generation, she appears to have resisted the plastic surgeon’s knife and looks great due to a combination of good genes and great skin care. Her skin is smooth, but not overly smooth, and she has all the wrinkles of a woman her age, just not in excess. Even in her sixth decade of life, this timeless beauty looks good enough to play Thelma OR Louise.

Julie Christie, 68 (now 70)
In 1965 (left) and 2008
Is Academy Award-winning actress Julie Christie really 68? You wouldn’t know it, given how great she looks. In my opinion, Christie, is one of the best examples of good plastic surgery in Hollywood. I believe she’s had her eyelids done, a facelift, and fat injections to her cheeks. These procedures can result in the sharp neckline, youthful eyes, and soft cheeks that she displays with such glamour. The fact that she is a classic Hollywood talent only adds to how fantastic she looks. Her plastic surgeon should get his own Academy Award.

Meg Ryan, 48 (now 50)
In 1998 (left) and 2009
America’s sweetheart has become almost unrecognizable in recent years. Meg Ryan’s lips look excessively puffy. I believe they’ve been enhanced with a permanent implant, such as Gortex. This substance can cause the lips to look big, stiff, and unnatural. They’re usually placed by threading it through the lips via small incisions. She also appears to have possibly had cheek implants, causing her to look a bit bulgy. The good thing is that both lip and cheek implants are completely reversible, taking only a 20-minute surgery. If she really wants big but natural-appearing lips, I would recommend that she remove whatever implant she may have, and replace it with fat.

Meryl Streep, 60 (now 62)
In 1980 (left) and 2009
When you are as good of an actress as Meryl Streep, you don’t even need to consider having plastic surgery. Streep may not be the youngest-looking actress, but who cares? She’s one of the few aging Hollywood actresses who doesn’t seem to have any problem developing wrinkles, loose skin and even some early jowls. While I bet she’s getting some nice mild chemical peels, such as the AFA Clay Peel, I doubt that she’s doing anything more than these ‘lunchtime’-type treatments. Kudos to her.

Nicole Kidman, 42 (now 44)
In 1997 (left) and 2009
Nicole Kidman’s face appears to be morphing by the month. Some days I think she’s had her lips plumped, other days I think she’s had her forehead Botox’ed. Overall, I believe she’s had both of these treatments, in addition to injections of filler such as Sculptra into her cheeks. In some people, aggressive Botox injections can create an overarched eyebrow, which I’ve called a Botox brow. While I don’t see it in this photo, I’ve seen it in others, including one on my blog In my opinion, less is more for Kidman.

Olivia Newton-John, 61 (now 63)
In 1980 (left) and 2008
It appears that ‘80s beauty Olivia Newton-John is “Hopelessly Devoted" to a cosmetic injectables. Her face looks unnaturally plumped up, possibly due to fat grafting or injections of Sculptra. Her lips appear to be enhanced as well, likely due to a filler such as Restylane or Juvederm. Her forehead is very smooth, excessively so for a woman who is 61 years old.

Priscilla Presley, 64 (now 66)
In 1968 (left) and 2009
If Elvis could see Priscilla Presley now, he’d be “All Shook Up.” A couple years ago, she admitted to undergoing silicone injections from a phony doctor causing her to have a terrible result. Today she doesn’t look anything like the classic beauty she was just 15 years ago. Her skin is so smooth, it almost looks like it has a waxy sheen, a possible result of excessive laser treatments. Her lips and cheeks appear over-plumped, possibly with fat or another filler. Her forehead is excessively taut, maybe the result of too much Botox.

Sharon Stone, 51 (now 53)
In 1994 (left) and 2009
Why is Sharon’s face as smooth as a Stone? While I don’t believe she’s had any actual plastic surgery, it is quite possible that her youthful appearance may be aided by medical grade skin care, such as La Roche Posay, with some chemical peels or laser treatments, like the Jessner’s Peel. She is aging very gracefully, with none of the obvious alterations of many of her Hollywood peers. In fact, she’s aging so well, maybe we’ll see a “Basic Instinct 3.”

Sheryl Crow, 47 (now 50)
In 1996 (left) and 2009
All Sheryl Crow wants to do is have fun and avoid the plastic surgeon's knife. She looks great, especially for a 47-year-old breast cancer survivor. Her skin is clear and smooth, and she doesn't show any obvious signs of plastic surgery. She is aging very gracefully. I have one recommendation for Sheryl: Do not "Soak Up the Sun." Stay in the shade and wear sunblock to continue looking as good as you do.


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Do you hate women? Why have a site about women getting older? WHO CARES?!!!

TimeThumper said...

Au contraire, I love women. I love every aspect of women including how they age. Especially since I believe that a woman can be beautiful at every stage of her life. Why fight time? Embrace it, own it. Be beautiful.